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Announcing our board for the 2023 fiscal year: Welcome Cindy Gill, Virginia Brennan, Craig Brooke and Jonathan Feigenbaum. Continuing to serve are: Joanne Candella, Peter Hanley, Peter Landry and Sue Powell. Our officers are Cindy Gill (President), Art Riffo (Vice President), Rebecca Donham (Treasurer), Alex Stalley (Secretary).

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If you would like to be added, complete the New Member Application which can be found in the pull-down menu under "Home" at the top of this page. It's not necessary to pay at this time. If a space becomes available, notification will be sent via email from info@CharlesRiverTennisClub.com. Recipients will have limited time to pay in order to secure a spot. Learn more about waiting list procedures and membership rates under Membership Information. Thanks for your interest.