About Our Waiting List

At CRTC, we give first priority to admitting our renewing members from the immediately prior season. We then make every effort to admit these renewing members’ loved ones so that families and couples who play tennis together can enjoy the club together.

If you’re interested in becoming a member and you have never been a member of the club, you’ll be automatically added to the waiting list when you complete the online New Member Application. If you were a member in years past and wish to rejoin, complete the Renewing Member Application to be added to the waiting list with your previous membership noted.

It’s difficult to predict how many waiting list applications will be accepted, if any, in a season. We have four courts subject to the weather, two of which are also subject to daylight hours, and parking is limited. So, each season the Board sets the membership limit by April 1st based on providing plenty of court time for all members and keeping the traffic and parking in check for our neighbors.

We don’t publicize the details of our waiting list. When memberships are available, we reach out via email and give wait listers a limited time to accept and pay the membership fee. Otherwise, you go to the bottom of the waiting list, or are removed from the list all together if you prefer.

Here's a link to our Membership Information.

Email us at info@CharlesRiverTennisClub.com to learn more or to confirm your wait list status.