CRTC League Rules & Regulations

Playing Rules

All matches are to be played under USTA rules. Matches consist of two sets and a match tiebreaker (if necessary) that follows the guidelines below (see GAME SCORING).  All matches should be played at the scheduled date and time. If you cannot play as scheduled, arranging for a substitute is preferred to re-scheduling your match at another time (see SUBSTITUTES). Postponements will likely occur at times due to rainouts and you should try to complete all matches within ONE week of the schedule date.

Schedules Matches

A "scheduled" league match does NOT imply that a court is RESERVED for you.  With the exception of club tournaments, and most recently Friday night mixers, there has been a long standing club tradition of "first come, first serve" (i.e. NO COURT RESERVATIONS).  If all courts are in use, league players like any other players will have to wait for the first available court.  However, once a league match is underway, players are entitled to play their entire match.  After your match starts, please be sure to inform others waiting for a court that you are playing a league match.

Game Scoring

All games will be limited to ONE AD point. Should the score go to DEUCE a second time, the receiving team will have a choice of which player is to receive the game deciding point.

At the score of 6 games all, a 7-point tiebreaker will be played.  First to win two sets, wins the match.  At one set all, a 10-point tiebreaker should be played to decide the match.  If other players are waiting for a court a 7-point tiebreaker should be played instead.

How to Play a Coman Tiebreak: (A & B versus C & D)

The Coman tiebreak maintains the service rotation that occurred throughout the entire doubles set.

  • Player A serves one point from the deuce side.
  • Teams change sides.
  • Player C serves two points: first from the ad, then from the deuce court.
  • Player B serves two points: first from the ad, then from the deuce court.
  • Teams change sides.
  • Player D serves two points: first from the ad, then from the deuce court.
  • Player A serves two points: first from the ad, then from the deuce court.
  • Teams change sides every four points and continue in this rotation until one team wins the set.
Match Scoring

Please report your scores within 24 hours of playing the match on the appropriate leagues page on the website. The Winner(s) will receive 12 points and the Loser(s) receive the number of games they won up to a max of 10 points. These points will be automatically calculated from the score entered.

Contacting Players

This season, match dates and times for ALL DOUBLES are scheduled.  It would still be a good idea to touch base with players ahead of time to confirm everyone can make it.  SINGLES matches will continue to be scheduled by the players at a time convenient to both players.


All efforts should be made to play your match on the scheduled date and time.  If a player cannot make the match, it is that player’s responsibility to arrange for a substitute.  Each league roster will provide a list of approved substitutes. Substitutes will be identified by level and you must select an appropriate substitute who is designated to play for your league. Approved substitutes will receive the match points and may qualify for playoffs. Except for extraordinary circumstances, another league player from the same division cannot be a substitute. If this situation occurs, the sub will not receive any additional points. Only players who participate in the match will earn points for the match.  The player using a substitute will NOT earn any points for the match.  When using a substitute, you must notify the other players and also let them know the name and contact information of your replacement.  If a player cannot make a match or get a substitute, the Forfeit Rule will apply.

Waiting For Players (Forfeit Rule)

There is a fifteen-minute grace period when waiting for player(s) to start a match. After this time, the team who is missing a player(s) must be prepared to forfeit the match. The team who is ready to play makes the decision to either accept the forfeit OR reschedule the match. If the decision is made to reschedule, the match must be rescheduled within a week. If it is not, the match is automatically forfeited to the team originally deciding to reschedule. Rescheduled matches should be scored using the guidelines under MATCH SCORING.  Winners of a forfeited match earn 12 points and losers earn 0 points.

Tennis Balls

Both teams are responsible for bringing a new can of tennis balls. One can is to be used for the match and the unopened can of balls is to be awarded to the winners.